Top 5 Guidelines For Optimising Computers Within An Office

By | March 10, 2023

Under this strain, you will find that even running two programs side-by-side can cause a significant slowdown, as well as causing overheating within the machine, leading to potentially irreparable damage.

You can find very simple ways to avoid these scenarios with these straightforward guidelines that can be implemented in a cheap, quick and effective way that requires little technical know-how. These are my top five factors for maximising the efficiency of your office computer:

5. Delete unnecessary programs and De-fragment the drives regularly – Workers are typically required to install a number of programs, some of which are only for one-time use and then never use them again. Even when not used for some time, some programs will open themselves at start-up, taking up valuable space and memory – these can quite easily be uninstalled or disabled on start up. Simply open the control panel and click on ‘uninstall’, or for disabling at start-up, run msconfig.exe, go to start up tab and un-tick unnecessary programs.

4. Portable hard drive – It doesn’t matter what work the office does, it is vitally important to frequently backup documents and other data, in case of a driver failure. This is a simple task when using a portable hard drive, which are typically inexpensive and offer a large amount of space. Optimising your PC This is the ideal method of securing documents for future use, no matter what happens to the computer.

3. Purchase a second router. Modern companies will spend a lot of their time online; whether they are researching, conducting surveys or advertising, the internet has become a vital part of many businesses. This can create a number of connections on a single piece of hardware, leading to potential slow down. However, with the use of two routers, you can afford yourself faster internet, greater security, a backup (if one router malfunctions) and increase wireless network reach.

2. Keep desktop minimal, just like your real desk. You can reach maximise productivity if you keep it clear and spacious. Keep all folders well organised and if you’re feeling particularly ambitious, do it by date with separate folders. Whilst doing this will not speed up the performance of the system, it does make sorting and checking documents a lot easier.

1. Install the latest Operating Systems. This may seem an expensive measure, but there are a number of advantages to using the newest operating system. Software is upgraded frequently to work better with new operating systems, so ensure that you are running the latest versions. I have had experience Seattle office space where workers were still using Windows XP, instead of Windows 7. Yet with Windows 7, you can also install the latest security updates, as well as enjoy some visually-impressive software.

There are a number of upgrades to increase computer speed – a percentage of which may prove time-consuming to install; however all are definitely worth using as they can help to simplify work and improve employee morale and overall productivity.

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